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Single Use

‘Single Use’ 2019. Polythene sheeting, acetate, invisible thread.



This piece was conceived in response to the plastic pollution crisis and Rosie’s concerns about fast fashion and the growing mountain of clothing entering landfill sites.


She encountered ocean plastic pollution first hand in 2011 whilst visiting Santa Maria, an Azorean island in the Atlantic. On a coastal walk she came across a cove that was completely covered in pieces of plastic of all shapes and sizes. Her feelings of deep concern have grown the more she has read about the pollution crisis and its impact on wildlife.


‘Single Use’ is suspended like a plastic bag floating in water and Rosie hopes its presence and scale will allow others to reflect on how we all use plastic and clothing in our lives and so will hopefully strive for more sustainable decisions when purchasing clothing and single use items.


We all need to rethink attitudes on where our purchased goods come from and where they go once we no longer need them. We can reduce our personal impact by reusing what we already have, recycling what we don’t need either through family and friends or local facilities, and making investment purchases in quality, ethical, long lasting items of clothing.


While some decisions can only be made on a national, political level, we all have opportunity to effect change in how we spend our own money with businesses and influence the decisions they make in response to customer demand.