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September 2016  Bloodlines: Floodlines


As part of C-Art’s ‘Art in Extraordinary Places’ initiative, Rosie Galloway Smith became artist in residence at Tullie House’s Guildhall Museum in Carlisle City Centre in September. Rosie invited members of the public to populate a textile map of the city with their stories and signatures, to create a unique artwork to reflect the impact of the floods on the community. The piece was then hosted at Spencer Street’s Flood Recovery Centre, thanks to the support of Paul Hendy, where more people were able to add their names to the map.

The fabrics which provide the backdrop for the piece were generously donated by two of the city’s textile firms, Stead McAlpin and Linton Tweeds, who have both suffered flooding in recent years. Carlisle’s roads and rivers create a visual representation of the city, with people’s stories and signatures placed on the map. The work is about people and place, giving those affected by the floods a space to share their experiences and for others to leave messages of support.


The piece has been acquired by Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery as part of their permanent collection.

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